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Whiteshill Congregational Church - Pastors

Scanned from postcards from the Sidney Marks collection


The Rev George and his wife Mary Rowles Jarris, with their daughter Mary, at the Manse at Hambrook.

He was Minister at the Whiteshill from 1912 until 1931.

Mr & Mrs Downs.

He was Pastor of Whiteshill for only a brief while before going overseas on Missionary service.

The Rev Donald Simmonds,

who was a student at The Weston College, became Student Pastor in 1933 until 1937.

Rev DJ Roberts.

He was Minister at Whiteshill in 1937, but died in the same year, being Minister for only six months.

The Rev GH Clothier was Minister at Whiteshill from 1937 to 1945.

He was a widower and this photograph is of his Marriage to Miss Carver, a faithful and loyal worker at Whiteshill.