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Winterbourne Darts Team at the Wheatsheaf Inn - year not known

Left to right, back row: 1 Jim Rawlings, landlord's son; 2 Ivor Cole; 3 Bill Whitehead; 4 Bill Murray;

5 Richard Whitehead; 6 not known; 7 Joe _____?

Centre row: 8 Bert Rawlings, the landlord; 9 Philip Coles; 10 Len Hacker; 11 Ron Hacker; 12 Albert Taylor;

13 Ron Lewis; 14 Jack Lyons; 15 Freddie Criddle.

Front row: 16 Snowy Hacker; 17 Mervyn (Happy) Whitehead; 18 Sidney Anstey; 19 Paddy Brankworth; 20 Cyril Shipton.


 Photograph and names kindly sent in by Jane, granddaughter of both Richard Whitehead and Sidney Anstey.

Mervyn, still living in Winterbourne, and Bill are sons of Richard Whitehead.

Thank you Jane.