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 Office Staff - 1943/4

Back row:     1 Seamstress; 2 Telephonist Peggy; 3 Telephonist Betty Wheeler;

4 Stenographer Jo Howarth; 5 Physiotherapist; 6 Physiotherapist.

Centre Row:     7 Seamstress; 8 Stenographer Madge Garrett; 9 Telephonist Edith Nott;

10 Telephonist Eve Stockwell; 11 Telephonist Mary Lockyer, later Burley.

Front row:     12 Seamstress Edna Hulbert; 13 Telephonist Ivy Hill; 14 Stenographer Hilda Baker, later Fry.


We have recently (Nov 2012) received the following information from Kathy DeRuyter, a visitor to this site...

My mother is Magdalen Jane Adams (Ginnie), now Kohut and worked at Frenchay during the American occupation. She has identified Telephonist #10 of the Female staff as Eve Stockwell. Eve's sister Lillian also worked there. My mother married Joe Kohut and moved to Ohio. Lillian married James Lawson and moved to Tennessee. (She passed away approximately 2 years ago. I have many cousins in the Hambrook/Winterbourne area (Peggy Crew, the Harris', etc.)

Thank you and the society for a wonderful website. I have been able to find so much family history as a result.

Kathy DeRuyter

Thanks, Kathy