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Frenchay Hospital Dramatic Society - Dates not known, maybe the 1960s

The Museum has a number of photo albums showing performances by a Dramatic Society within Frenchay Hospital. Two of the plays have a cast list, and one of the plays has no title recorded.

Should anyone recognise the plays, or themselves, in these pictures, we would be pleased to hear more about them from you.


This play is entitled 'Easy Money',

a comedy in 3 acts, by Arnold Ridley.


Character                        Cast

Martha                    Janet Dowling

Granma Stafford      Margaret Haynes

Jaqueline Worrall    Rita Stonehouse

Ruth Stafford         Margaret Ramsey

Philip Stafford        E Dodd

Carol Stafford        Molly Hardman

Denis Stafford        R McElroy

Martin Latham         S Pippard

George Kirby           R Daw


Producer                 E Dodd

Stage Manager        C Tebbett

This play is entitled 'Even Adam'.

No author or cast list is recorded.

This play comes with the added bonus of a coloured photograph..!

It is the well known play, 'Sailor Beware'.

No author or cast list recorded.

Frenchay Hospital presents...


'Rookery Nook',

a Farce in 3 Acts, by Ben Travers..


Character                        Cast

Gertrude Twine        M Hardman

Mrs Leverett           M Haynes

Harold Twine           H Dodd

Olive Popkiss           S Pippard

Gerald Popkiss         R McElroy

Rhoda Marley          J Mogg

Putz                        R Daw

Admiral Juddy         J Lee

Poppy Dickey           R Stonehouse

Clara Popkiss           A Harford

Mrs Possett             J Dowling


Producer                  SC Ash

Stage Manager         H Dodd

No title or cast recorded...

'King of the Castle'        no further details recorded