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Whiteshill Congregational Church Choir - 1947/50

Standing at rear, left to right: 1 Frank Gifford, Organist; 2 Edward Hollyman; 3 hidden, Doug Fitz; 4 Roselyn Hathway; 5 Marion Harding;

6 Celia Dove; 7 Mrs Crang; 8 Miss Doris Hollyman; 9 man walking past on the other side of the wall, just ignore him and perhaps he'll go away.

 Standing in front, left to right: 10 Mrs Hutchings, Pastor's wife; 11 Miss Rose Williams; 12 Mrs F Harding;

13 Lorna Crang; 14 Mrs Letty Fitz; 15 Mr Harrison.

Front row, left to right: 16 Jack Miles, Choir Master; 17 Pat Gifford; 18 AG Hutchings, Pastor; 19 June Gifford.