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The Americans at Frenchay Hospital...

Florence Van der Woude


"After the war I returned to the U of Mi at Ann Arbor to get my Public Health Nursing and my Master of Public Health degrees. I was subsequently employed in Allegan and Ottawa County Health Departments as Staff Nurse and then Supervising Nurse.

I tried being self-employed in partnership with a nursing home, but left that to go to Michegan Department of Public Health as a nursing consultant. During that time I built a home on Lake Michegan and later hosted several ANC/ARC reunions. Sold the home in September '91 to live in Freedom Village, a retirement home in Holland, Mi.

I've travelled to Israel, the Mediterranean, South America, Australia, New Zealand and the Caribbean - three times on freighters.

Am retired and happy.

Florence Van der Woude


The photograph and text were included in a type-written booklet entitled "Frenchay Revisited 1942-1992"; and produced in 1992 by Lois White Monroe, American Red Cross, 298th General Hospital.