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The Americans at Frenchay Hospital...

Katharine Morse

One of the first University of Michigan nurses to sign up for duty with the 298th, Katy, along with Margaret Shaeffer, comprised the recruiting team to enlist other nurses for military duty, in the Spring of 1942.

At Frenchay, and subsequently, Katy worked on the officers' ward.

She met Gerald Dunworth, a 1st lieutenant in the Counter-Intelligence Corps, in Maastricht, Holland, in April 1945. Married in September of 1946 in Norfolk, VA, they lived in New York City for several years, where Gerry became a partner in Coudert Brothers, an international law firm. Soon they moved to New Jersey where they raised five children, and Gerry commuted to NYC.

Katy continued her interest in the medical field through volunteer activities with the Visiting Nurses, the Valley Hospital in Ridgewood, NJ, Meals on Wheels and the Future Nurses Club of the local high school.

Widowed around 1991, she kept busy with her nine grandchildren and frequent travels.


Katy Morse


The above photograph and text were included in a type-written booklet entitled "Frenchay Revisited 1942-1992"; and produced in 1992 by Lois White Monroe, American Red Cross, 298th General Hospital.