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The Americans at Frenchay Hospital...

Clifford Kiehn, L.MD

"I joined the 298th General Hospital June 1942 as a Captain in the Dental Corps. Arrived in Frenchay November '42 and worked with them until they were sent to the Continent. I then worked with the 100th Station Hospital [110th General ? Ed] until they were shipped out and replaced by the 117th General with whom I also worked.


Drs Eddie Kahn, Mike Scurry & Cliff Kiehn at Frenchay

"I was then transferred to the Army Medical Corps as a Major. In December '44, I was sent to the Third Auxiliary Surgical team at Spa, Vervier, Belgium, on detached service. Was awarded Bronze Star and was returned to the 117th General Hospital at Frenchay in February 1945, where I practiced until discharged as a Lt Colonel in December of 1946.

"I practiced in Cleveland, Ohio, from 1947-1980, and served as Professor of Plastic Surgery at Case Western Reserve University. Was made Emeritus Professor of Plastic Surgery upon retirement.

"Moved to New Bern, NC, in 1980 and went into private practice, also joining the faculty at East Carolina University Medical School. Retired from all medical practice in 1985. My Curriculum Vitae lists 12 hospitals in which I was on staff, four professorships in plastic and dental surgery, one honorary Dr of Science degree, membership in 17 surgical practices and 57 articles that I have had published including one on 'Progress Attained in the Search for Primary Healing of Gunshot World War Two'.

"I still attend medical meetings and lectures at various Medical Schools in the US. I cry every day that I cannot practice, but the malpractice insurance is prohibitive."

Clifford Kiehn, plastic surgeon.

The photographs and text were included in a type-written booklet entitled "Frenchay Revisited 1942-1992"; and produced in 1992 by Lois White Monroe, American Red Cross, 298th General Hospital.