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The Americans at Frenchay Hospital...

James Donohue


Sgt James Donohue was the NCO in charge of Receiving and Evacuation of all patients, and was assisted by Walt Silken, Charlie Mance, Ralph Hofstrand, Leo Arena, Louie Gaddie and Jack Fundis, working under First Medical Officer of the R&E and Out-Patients, Captain Michael Scurry.

The first contingent of patients admitted were British casualties from the African Campaign of the British First & Fifth Armies.

Donohue and his wife Eileen were married in June 1942 and have two children; daughter Kathleen & son Kelly James, and six grandchildren. Upon discharge from the Army in September 1945, Jim became a salesman for Hallmark greetings cards, and later for Rubbermaid. By 1962 he started Jim Donohue and Associates, his own Manufacturers' Representative Co. Seven salesmen covered the states of California, Arizona, Nevada and Hawaii in the wholesale giftware business.

"We sold our business in 1986 and retired. Eileen and I are into Lawn Bowling (Bowling on the Green). I have been involved with organising Reunions for the 298th General Hospital for a number of years."

James Donohue

Sgt Jimmy Donohue & Jack Hall supervise the arrival at Frenchay of British walking wounded from the African Campaign.

The photographs and text were included in a type-written booklet entitled "Frenchay Revisited 1942-1992"; and produced in 1992 by Lois White Monroe, American Red Cross, 298th General Hospital.