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'The Mount', Winterbourne,  Garden Party, circa 1932/33

In the 1930s, Brigadier General Price each summer held a bowling cum garden party at 'The Mount'.

Back row: nine men, names not known.

Next row, standing: gent with child is Bill Lowe, 8th gent from left is James Maggs, 9th is Geoff Maggs, 10th is Fred Tilley.

Next row, seated: 12th lady from left is Elizabeth Maggs, (nee Ford), 2nd from right, slightly forward, is Hazel Maggs.

Front row: 6th from right is Margaret Pullen, 5th Eileen Maggs, 4th Zoe Maggs, and far right is Esme Thomas.

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 Photograph and names supplied by Zoe Currell (nee Maggs) and sent in by Ted Ford, grandson of Elizabeth Maggs' brother Harry Ford.