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Frenchay Choir Outing to Cheddar Caves - 12 July 1924

Names not confirmed... Left to right: 1 W Fidler; 3 F Criddle; 4 Mr May;7 cloth cap front Hubert Attwood; 8 W Mayell; 9 hat Charlie Pope; 10 hat front T Welshman; 11 standing Dr CHB Elliott; 12 sitting Frank Chamberlain; 14 hat front P Davies; 16 curly hair Jack Sharp; 17 front H Shepherdson; 18 far right Frank Attwood. Further details and confirmation needed, please.

Extract from the Frenchay Parish Magazine for August 1924...

The senior members of our Choir, together with the Church Officials, were fortunate in having a glorious day for their Annual Outing on July 12th. Leaving Frenchay at 8.30, we journeyed by charabanc to Cheddar, where one of the wonderful caves was explored, whence we proceeded to Glastonbury, where about half-an-hour was spent in the ruins of the Abbey, and reached Wells at 1.30, where an excellent luncheon was provided. Here there was abundance of time for visiting the Cathedral and other places of interest in the town, after which we proceeded to Bath in time for tea, and reached home at 8 o'clock, having had a thoroughly enjoyable and interesting day.