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Frenchay Girls Friendly Society - Fancy Dress - c1925

Details and date not known. Girl with beads, Alice Baber. Girl on her left, Thora Stirling.


New information received Dec 2007 from Aileen Penfold in Port Macquarie, NSW, Australia...

Back row, 5th from left: Rosina Fidler; and 6th from left: Irene Fidler.

Middle row, 5th from left: Doris Fidler.

These are all aunties of Aileen, whose father and mother (Gladys Fidler) emigrated to Australia in 1927.

Thank you Aileen

New information received January 2011 from Viv King...

My mother is in the front row, on the left, dressed as a daisy. Her name was Sylvia Mayell. She lived in Frenchay, but moved to Hambrook (Quarry Barton) at some point during her childhood. Her cousin was Louise Powell.

Mum died just one year ago. She had that photo among her treasures, and I can't tell you how marvellous it was when it popped up on my laptop screen. Quite literally, it was the first item I found when I started my search. Thank you!!

Kind regards, Viv King