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Frenchay Amateur Football Club - early 1950s...

Photographs and names kindly sent in by Pat and Roger Higgins

Does anybody know any more names?

Frenchay AFC - early 1950s - in village hall

1st row, lady bottom left, Marie Higgins;

2nd row, 1st up, Cecil Swain; 8th up, Albert Branch; 9th up Irene Branch;

3rd row, 1st up, Frank Crowe; 5th up, Frank Chamberlain;

4th row, 3rd up, ?Nan Hibberd?; 4th up Philip Rose; 5th up, Pam Rose.


Frenchay AFC - early 1950s

Back row, 2nd from left, Cecil Swain; 3rd, __ Swain; 4th, glasses, ?Geoff Hibberd?; 6th, (hand) George Ford;

Front row, centre, Rev Geoffrey Frederick Greenup, MA.


Frenchay AFC - early 1950s

Back row, from left, 2nd, John Iles; 3rd, Mick Miller; 5th, Frank Crowe; 8th, Stan Higgins; 9th, Colin Higgins;

Front Row, from left, 3rd, Maurice Usher; 5th, __ Swain; 6th, Cecil Swain.


Frenchay AFC - early 1950s - in village hall

From left, 1st, Arthur Turton; 2nd, Mick Walker; 3rd, John Iles; 5th Rev GF Greenup; 7th, __ Swain; 8th, Stan Higgins.


Frenchay AFC - early 1950s - at village hall

Left of tree is Mr Arscott. Press Photographer, lived in Frenchay opposite the old Flock Mill.