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Hambrook Cricket Club -circa 1920

Photo taken opposite the Evangelical Chapel, Whiteshill.

Left to right, back row: 1 Maurice Maggs; 2 Chris Kilby; 3 Ken Ware.

Third row, all standing: 4 George Manning (Star Inn); 5 Tom Player; 6 Jack Miles; 7 Laurie Harding;

8 Don Harding; 9 Jim Adams; 10 Frank Maggs.

Second row, all sitting: 11 Albert Maby; 12 Edgar Manning; 13 Gwylym Emery; 14 Dan Manning.

Front row, on ground: 15 Ted Manning (scorer); 16 Harry Woodbury; 17 Harry Thomas; 18 Harry Amos; 19 Stanley Cook.

Photo and names courtesy of Sydney Marks.