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Frenchay Adult School Cricket Team - pre 1914

Left to right, back row: 1 Tiley of Frenchay Hill, 2 Elijah Matthews, 3 not known, 4 Charles Edward Matthews, 5 Lovell ?,

6 Gilbert Powell of Frenchay Hill, 7 James Kirk of Churchside, Frenchay Common.

Front row: 8 Percy Tucker of Frenchay Hill, 9 Tiley of Frenchay Hill, 10 Sydney Gregg of Quarry Road.

The Tileys were sons of J Tiley, carpenter & joiner, of the Old Post Office, Frenchay

We are indebted to Chris Matthews (grandson of Elijah Matthews and great grandson of CE Matthews, above) for the addition of these two names.

Thanks Chris. July 2009.