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4 - Newlands, now demolished

Home of Dr Golla in the 1930s - 1940s


9 - Cliff Court, now demolished

Home of CHB Elliott, Schools Inspector and author of the history book "Winterbourne, Gloucestershire", during the first half of the 20th century.


9 - Cliff Court Lodge


18 - Westbourne Terrace, just behind the National School


20 St John Baptist Church 1834


21 - Frenchay National School, built 1843


26 - Frenchay Park

Now the headquarters of the Frenchay Hospital Trust


31 - Unitarian Chapel, circa 1669





32 - Old House


Once the home of Francis Fox Tuckett


33 - Clarendon House


Once the home of Frederick Denison Maurice, 19th century social reformer and founder of Working Men's Colleges in London


35 - Frenchay House


36 - Cedar Hall


Once the home of Francis McGregor Fry, whose widow allowed the house to be used as a Hospital during the Second World War.


38 - once the Rectory, on the right;


Bradstone's house on the left


52 - Fromeshawe House,

Northern half later re-named Lake House


53 - Riverwood House


Once the home of Joseph Storrs Fry, who turned his father's chocolate shop into a major Chocolate Making Industry.


101 - Manor House



102 - Manor Cottage


103 - Malmains, a view taken at the rear


Now demolished




106 - Friends Meeting House, 1809