Amanmda Vobes now suggests this may be

Wedding Photo

     Harold & Rose Wilcox

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The names of the bride and groom in this photo are not known.

Also the location of the church is not known.

[ Amanda Vobes now suggests this may be St. Michael's in Stoke Gifford.

Thanks Amanda ]

Jean Bony knows that her uncle Harold Wilcox and his wife Rose are in the picture.

And that Joe Knapp and his wife Anne are also there.


Jean would dearly like to hear from anyone who can identify the picture, location or people.

Please write to the WebMaster to be put in touch.


Steve Manning has written to say that he recognises his mother in this picture. She is the lady in the dark dress to the right of the babe in arms. Her name is Betty Manning of Manor Cottages, Winterbourne Hill and she was the widow of Dan Manning, a railway worker at Stoke Gifford. - Unfortunately, Steve cannot name the church, anyone else or the year.

Thanks, Steve.