Isaac Webbelee (family name sometimes appears as Webley)

and the Coombs family

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Andy Coombs has sent us this interesting information about his family going back to his Great-Great-Great-Great Grandfather, Isaac Webbelee, Yeoman of the Parish of Winterbourne...

Isaac Webbelee, Yeoman of Winterbourne, buried at St Michael's Winterbourne 10 June 1821. GGGG-grandfather of Andy Coombs

His wife, Elizabeth, died 1842. They had the following children...

  Eldest son John Webbelee. Born Mangotsfield about 1789. (A John Webley of the right age & birthplace appears on Hanham & Bitton Censuses - could this be him?)
  Isaac Webbelee, born Mangotsfield 1791, buried Mangotsfield 1802.
  Samuel Skuse Webbelee, born Mangotsfield about 1801, thought to have been in a workhouse by 1851.
  Maria Webbelee, born Mangotsfield about 1794, married Edward Bissex and they lived in Hambrook.
  Elizabeth Webbelee, born Mangotsfield about 1786 (died 1820), married George Burchill. They had the following 7 children...

Isaac Webbelee Burchill, also known as Isaac Webley Burchill, descendants of whom lived in Downend.

Robert Burchill;

Elizabeth Burchill;

Ann Burchill;

George Burchill;

John Burchill;

Joseph Burchill.

      (George Burchill senior remarried in 1823 and had another 9 children)


Jacob Webbelee, born Mangotsfield about 1797, Master Carpenter, lived in Bristol & Bromley Heath.  GGG-grandfather of Andy Coombs.

Married Ann Phillips of Stoke Gifford in 1825.

    They had 9 children, one of whom was...


Mary Webbelee, (died 1917), worked for John & Mary Anna Amos before marrying...

James Coombs at St Paul's, Bristol in 1863. GG-grandparents of Andy Coombs.

They lived at Harcombs Hill, Winterbourne Down.

James was a Colliery Engineer and he and Mary managed a local shop for a time. James died 1914.

          James' parents were...

          James Coombs and Sarah Hicks. They lived in Harcombs Hill and were both buried at All Saints, Winterbourne Down.

          James senior was an Engineer/Fitter at the coal mines and later became a miller.

               James & Sarah Coombs had 3 other children...

               Sarah Ann Coombs, married James Dudden of Clutton in 1853 & remarried William Robbins of Stoke Gifford in 1882;

               Mary Coombs, married Charles Walters in 1856 and lived in Harcombs Hill, next to the Coombs family. Mary was buried in 1886 at All Saints, Winterbourne Down;

               Joseph Coombs, (died 1907), married Matilda Webley of Frampton Cotterell in 1866. They lived in Hambrook Mill and were both buried at All Saints, Winterbourne Down.


    James & Mary Coombs had the following 5 children...

      Mary Ann Coombs, born 1864 and later thought to have emigrated to Australia. Does anyone know of her?
      Bertha Emily Coombs, born 1867, dressmaker, died unmarried in 1939 and buried at All Saints, Winterbourne Down.
      Kate Maria Coombs, born 1871, infant school teacher at Mangotsfield, died unmarried in 1957 and buried at All Saints, Winterbourne Down.
      Philip John Coombs, born 1873, married Clara Isabel Bird in 1916 and had at least one son.

Frederick James Coombs, born 1869, married Kate Noyce of Broughton, Hants, born 1863. G-grandparents of Andy Coombs.

           Kate's brother, Frederick Noyce, born Broughton, Hants, 1860, came as Head Master to All Saints School in September 1885.

           Two of Frederick's sisters also taught with him at the school, and you can read a little more about them in the Parish Magazines for 1885 and the following year, 1886.

           Frederick's first wife, Kate Stone of Broughton, was 24 years old when she was baptised at All Saints, Winterbourne Down in February 1886. She died at the schoolhouse in 1886 and was buried at All Saints, Winterbourne Down.

           Frederick married Eva Fisher of Appleshaw, Hants, in 1887 at Corsham.

           Fred's other two sisters (he had 14 siblings) who came to Winterbourne Down were...

        Emily Louise Noyce, born Broughton, Hants, 1858.

Edith Anne Noyce, born Broughton, Hants, 1852, married in 1892 at All Saints, Alfred Day, Head Teacher at St Michael's School, Winterbourne. By 1904 they had 5 children.

          Alfred's first wife was Susan Elizabeth Catherine Gardener (died 1890) and they had 3 children...

          Allen Gardener Day, Hilda Catherine Day and Nora Phyllis Day.

We are indebted to Andy Coombs for the above information. Thanks Andy.