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Kerry Walsh needs help with identification of these people...

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Albert Turner

The young man on the left is my brother-in-law Albert Turner (1924-2006).

I am trying to ID the other two young men. I think that they may be Palmers or Skuses.

Kerry now thinks the other two lads may be Albert's cousins, the two sons of Douglas Turner... Philip Henry Turner born 1923 and Bryan Douglas Turner born 1926.

Photo may be about 1940

The Alsatian also appears the photo below...




Francis Kingsley Palmer

 I believe this to be ‘King’ Palmer and the Alsatian looks to be the same one as in the first photo.





This young man with a dog is one of the unknowns in the first photo.



The same young man and another, who may also be the 2nd youth in photo 1, are at the back of this group.

 I think the photo was taken at the rear of a house in the Lane, Winterbourne Down.

Kerry now thinks this picture may include Heather Malloy nee Turner, sister of Philip & Bryan above.

If Heather Molloy reads this, Kerry would very much like to hear from you.


Photographs from Kerry Walsh

July 2014


Any help identifying any of the people in these photos would be much appreciated by Kerry.

Please email the WebMaster, Ray Bulmer, and your message will be passed to Kerry.