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Frederick Tuckett

was born at the Manor House, Frenchay, on 21 February 1807, youngest son of Philip DeBell & Elizabeth Tuckett.


His niece, Charlotte, wrote of him:

"My Uncle was a very romantic figure in my childhood. In 1841 he went out to New Zealand, which was then in the earliest days of white occupation. He was one of the founders of the city of Dunedin. [He was appointed Surveyor General of the New Zealand Company in 1841, and selected the site of what is now Dunedin. He negotiated the purchase for 2400 of the Otago Block from the Maori, and the Deed of sale was signed on 31 July 1844] He was one of the few survivors of the Wairau Massacre in 1843, when the natives rose against the white settlers. He used to send home interesting curiosities: a fine chief's cloak is still, I hope, at Frenchay."

Frederick died in 1876.


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