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William Alfred Tuckett

was born at the Manor House, Frenchay, on 11 April 1804, son of Philip Debell & Elizabeth (Wright Curtis) Tuckett.

He lived at Frenchay House in 1616 until he married Helen Curtis. She was his cousin, and he was for this reason disowned briefly by the Society of Friends.

He settled at The Elms, Moorend, where he was a "Scotch Ale & Porter Brewer"; later in a large house near the brickworks at Siston, 1864. They moved to Myrtle Hall, Hung Rd, Shirehampton, in 1856.

One summer, when Alfred and his daughter Bessie were going to Canada by one of the Bristol boats, the Captain, being a friend of theirs, stopped the steamer opposite the house and took them and their baggage on board!

Helen Curtis, born circa 1811, married William Alfred Tuckett and they went to live at Moorend.

Of their children there are reports of five surviving, three still-born daughters and a son who did not live long.

Alfred Curtis Tuckett, 1833, emigrated to Australia.

Walter, c1838, emigrated to Canada and was blinded in an explosion at a chemical works. He lost his wife and daughter and returned to live in Bath, where he re-married.

Alexander, c1840, worked in a bank at Clevedon, died young.

Elizabeth, 'Bessie', was the oldest daughter.

H Lewis emigrated to Canada and had a large family, where he died of exposure after a boating disaster.