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Photo taken in 1898

Georgina Robinson,

widow of Col William Henry Robinson, came to live in Frenchay in 1849.


She was born in Portsmouth circa 1807.

She had four daughters...

Georgiana Catherine Jane, born in Bath 15 June 1840;

Henrietta Charlotte, born in Windsor c1842;

Fanny Matilda, born in Gibralter 23 March 1845;

Elizabeth Beverley, born in Tobago, West Indies, 31 August 1848.

Mrs  Robinson died in 1904 and was buried in the Frenchay Parish graveyard

Miss Elizabeth Beverley Robinson, lived in Dr Bradford's House, near the rectory on Frenchay Common.

She died a spinster in June 1914 and was buried in Frenchay Parish graveyard.

Photo taken in 1898

Miss Georgiana and Miss Elizabeth Robinson, 17 September 1910, laying the foundation stone for St John's Church, Fishponds.

This is the only picture we have been able to find of Georgiana, but we don't know which lady she is,

Georgiana lived in Frenchay from 1849 and was an active supporter of the Frenchay National School; her help in the sewing class being much appreciated by the master, HJ Wadlow.

From October 1917 to November 1919, Georgiana wrote in the Frenchay Parish Magazine about her life in Frenchay.

She died 5 October 1926 and was buried in the Frenchay Parish graveyard.