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Wyatt Pinnell

Born Frenchay 13 December 1860.

His father was Thomas Waddle Pinnell, his mother Elizabeth Pinnell, nee Bisp.

Wyatt married Sarah Stinchcombe.

They lived for some time in Grove House, Frenchay.

 1881 Census gives address as Grove Cottage, Lower Road and household members as Thomas , Ellen & Wyatt Pinnell. Thomas is shown as a Boot Maker and Wyatt as a Baker.

Further information, received from Maggie Holbrook, a descendant by marriage of Wyatt, tells us that Wyatt was one of seven children born to Thomas, one of whom was Charlotte, who married Francis Henry Monks.

Sarah Pinnell, nee Stinchcombe

Born in St George, 8 January 1865, Wife of Wyatt.

Her father was Robert Stinchcombe, born 20 September 1840.

Her mother was Eliza.

Robert's father was Job Stinchcombe, born c1804.

They had a daughter...

Lilly Pinnell

born 1891.

She died at the early age of 26.