Sheila Oram,

patient at Frenchay Sanatorium - 1944-45

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The amusing text shown here was received by by me in an email from Sheila Oram, in July 2007.


I reproduce it here, with Sheila's permission, for your enjoyment...



Does anyone else have memories of being in the Sanatorium at that time..?

I read, on this website, with great interest, about Frenchay Hospital when the Americans were there. I was in Frenchay Sanatorium as a patient in 1944-45.

The Americans came onto the wards every day with sweets or fruit for us kids. At Christmas they gave us a party. I can remember that the black soldiers were segregated and could not come on the wards if a white one was there.

I was in Frenchay for VE day and VJ day. The Lord Mayor of Bristol came with a horse and carriage and photo's were taken. I can't remember if there was a special reason for the visit.

We used to sing songs about the hospital.  I don't know who wrote them...


"Mother Mother take me home

from this convalescent home                                                                                   


I've been here a month or two,

Now I want to be with you.


Egg and bacon we don't see

In came the doctor, Dr Priddy, looking round to all the patients.


"Are you better? Are you worse?

Why don't you answer? Where's the nurse?"


In came the nurse with a red hot poultice

dabs it on and takes no notice.


"Ow" said the patient "That's too hot"

"Oh" said the nurse "I'm sure it's not".

I cannot remember if 'Dr Priddy' was a real doctor there at the time.



E I N G O the drivers gone and the engine wont go

What shall do when we get there?

Have your hair cut shorter."



Down Frenchay way

Where we get bread and marg

     Three times a day,

Egg and bacon we don't see,

We get sawdust in our tea,

That's why we're gradually

     Fading away.

Hope this is of interest to you, Sheila Oram (nee Hill).