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Frederick Denison Maurice, 1805 - 1872,

Professor of Moral Philosophy and Social Reformer.


Frederick moved to Frenchay as a small boy, when his father became the Unitarian Minister in 1813, and left as a young man to go to Cambridge University at the start of a brilliant career.

In 1854 he founded the Working Men's College in London.

He was a life-long friend of the Tuckett family of Frenchay. Charlotte Howard, nee Tuckett, wrote of him in her 'Recollections of Victorian Frenchay': 'There were many pleasant friendships and companions in my young days. My father and young Frederick Denison Maurice were often together. In later years we had a kindly welcome from him in his house in London. I think it must have been after my father's death that he came to see us at Frenchay and was most beautiful & understanding in his sympathy. His personality was a thing never to be forgotten'.