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Steve Manning, a visitor to this web site who now lives in Cheshire, has sent us an interesting account of his early life in the Winterbourne area.

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Steve has now sent in more family photographs, see below...

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Steve's account tells of relations and friends living in the neighbourhood, mainly during and just after the Second World War.

For the interest of people researching their own family history, the following family names are mentioned in Steve's narrative...

Manning        Maggs

Guy               Pugsley

Bob Hope      Vile

Marino          Caines

Dent              Thompson

Cowles          Jordan

Pitman          Luton

Tucker           Gwillam

Withers          Walker

Attlee             Bouquette

Whiting          Owen

Cook              Mills

Baylis            Woodhouse


1900 - 05

Samuel Maggs with his two daughters, one of whom is Louisa, who married Dan Manning.

Louisa Maggs


Approx 1918 - 20

Dan Manning with his wife Louisa

Dan's mother, Rosina Manning;

grandmother of Steve Manning.

Dan's second wife, Betty Manning, with stepson Colin and son Stephen...

...on Stephen's 1st birthday, 4 July 1939.

This picture was taken at No2 Manor Cottages, Winterbourne Hill.