James & Elizabeth (nee Ford) Maggs

    of Hambrook

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The information and photographs on this page were kindly supplied by

Zoe Currell, (nee Maggs).

Hambrook Family. James Maggs married Elizabeth Ford, sister of Harry Ford of Hambrook.

James & Elizabeth had children: Dick, Roma, Ron, Pete, David, Ted, Hazell, Sam & Zoe.

James came from Winterbourne Down and the family first lived at Mill Cottage, later moving into the then new council houses in Worrell's Lane.

James was son of William Maggs & Thirza Ford, and they were living at Quarry Barton in 1901.

In 1947, Sam Maggs, at the age of 25, was killed in a motor cycle accident outside 'The Grange' at Hambrook.

Members of the family attended a garden party at 'The Mount', Winterbourne, about 1932/3

Elizabeth Maggs (nee Ford) with baby Ted on her lap.

Boys at back, left Pete, right Ron.

Dick is seated with David on his lap, and Roma is seated right.


James Maggs in his garden.              Elizabeth Maggs (nee Ford) with her daughter Zoe Maggs