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Edward & Emma Maggs - of Pye Corner

The information and photographs on this page were kindly supplied by Amy Glastonbury.


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[The second photograph also appears in Sydney Marks' book, 'Around Hambrook', published by 'Images of England'. On the same page there is a photograph of Linda & Brian Woodbury and on the previous page there is a photograph of Ada Maggs with her niece Linda Woodbury, who is Amy's grandmother. Editor ]

These pictures are taken at Pye Corner, Hambrook; at the bottom of the lane that is parallel to Moor End Road and meets with Bristol Road, near Hambrook Common and Cricket Ground. It's difficult to describe because I was only little when we lived in Bristol. The photo was supposedly taken in 1914 but I think it may have been later than this as Edgar, who was born in 1909, seems a little older than 5/6.

Bessie Maggs, Edward's daughter, lived in the cottage and brought her family up there. She married Harry Freebury but he died before they had children. She went on to marry William Henry Woodbury aka Harry b1897. They married on 1 Jan 1921 at Whiteshill Congregational Chapel. They had two children, Linda Woodbury b1922 and Bryan Woodbury b1925.

Linda is my grandmother. She went on to live in the cottage and married Henry Arnold Ivan Glastonbury b1922. They were married in Bristol in 1943 and had two children David Glastonbury b1848 and Bryan Glastonbury b1953.

David Glastonbury is my father. My Uncle Bryan still lives in the area.

Amy Glastonbury

If anyone can fill in the missing name of the child (and the dog), we would be pleased to hear from you.

The ten children of Edward & Emma Maggs.

But who is the lovely lady up the lane?