Charles Herbert Langley

of Hambrook

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The following information was sent in by Mike Richards, nephew of Charles Herbert Langley and grandson of John Langley...


Charles Herbert Langley's regimental war diary shows that he was involved in High Explosive and Gas exchanges with the Germans in the days before his death.

As a kid I remember seeing a picture of my uncle Charles in putees etc, but it has long since disappeared. I would love to see a photograph of him if anyone has one.

His sister was my mother, Mary Margaret. She married Reginald Owen Richards, a cartographer with the Ordnance Survey and they moved to Southampton in 1933 after the death of Charles mother, Jane.

Charles father, John accompanied them and, with an allotment, kept the Richards family in fruit and vegetables throughout WW2.

John then went to live with his brother Charles in Alnwick, Northumberland, where the two of them managed a half-acre vegetable garden.

John returned to Southampton and died there on 1st July 1951, aged 86.

Mary Margaret sadly committed suicide in November 1951.


Thanks Mike.

Mike is currently living in Portugal.


If anyone has a photograph of Charles,

would you please write to the Webmaster


Charles Herbert Langley was born in Hambrook 25 July 1895 and baptised at St John Baptist, Frenchay, 1 September 1895.

In 1901 he was living in Begbrook Lodge, Frenchay, with his father, John, his mother, Jane, and his sister, Mary Margaret.

John Langley was coachman to Hugh Coles, a wealthy Bristol Banker.

In 1917 it was reported in the September edition of the Frenchay Parish Magazine...     It is with great satisfaction that we note that the Military Medal, for conspicuous gallantry in the field, has been awarded to Sgt CH Langley, RFA, son of Mr and Mrs J Langley, who have now moved to Winterbourne Parish. Sgt Langley has been mentioned in dispatches, and twice recommended for the Military Medal previously. All old Frenchay Boy Scouts will rejoice to hear of the honour gained by him.

He is serving in France. We heartily congratulate him and his relatives on his distinction.

The following year, we read in the June Magazine...

Sgt Charles H Langley, RFA, son of Mr and Mrs J Langley, who has fallen in action, was mentioned in despatches, and received the Military Medal in 1917.

Charles' name may be seen on the Winterbourne War Memorial situated on Whiteshill Common. He was buried in France.

His parents, John & Jane, were buried in Frenchay Parish Graveyard, and the memorial reads...

In Loving Memory


died 5 July 1933 aged 68

 her son Charles LANGLEY Sgt RFA

killed in action near Ypres 4 May 1918 aged 23

and John LANGLEY

husband and father of the above

died 1 July 1951 aged 86

This is Little Begbrook, once a lodge to Begbrook House, Frenchay.

Begrook House was burned down in the 1920s, reputedly by members of the Suffragette Movement.


...and this is known as Begrook Lodge, also once a lodge to Begbrook House, Frenchay.

It is not known which of these two lodges was the home of the Langley family in 1901.