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William Alfred & Mary Ann Howell

were both born in Watley's End and married at St Michael's, Winterbourne in 1898.

William was a lay preacher at the Watley's End Wesleyan Sunday School until they moved to Fishponds, Bristol in 1917/18

  Another picture of William & Mary

Family Tree...

Thomas HOWELL  =  Anne _________

married 2.5.1799 at Iron Acton


James HOWELL  =              [Jane ?]

bap. Oct 1801 at Cromhall                

[Agricultural Labourer ?]                   

d. Feb 1871                                      

bur. Winterbourne St Michael's        

Lived at Caleb's Folly


George Lawrence HOWELL  =  Dorcas HULL        

b. 1830 at Cromhall           b. 1833 at Iron Acton

Married 25.12 1852

at Winterbourne St Michael's.

Lived in Church Lane Church Cottages.

Agricultural Labourer                                         

d. 1901                                 d. 1897

both bur. Winterbourne St Michael's


George MAGGS      =      Elizabeth __________

b. 1833 Frampton Cotterell - b. 1833 Winterbourne

Stone Mason at Watley's End                                







William Alfred HOWELL                  =

b. 16.2.1877 at Watley's End              


at Winterbourne

Stone Mason & Lay Preacher               

d. 11.3.1935                                       

bur. Greenbank, Bristol.                    


                         Mary Ann MAGGS

                         b. 13.1.1871 at Watley's End


 St Michael's


                         d. 17.5.1949

                         bur. Greenbank, Bristol.

George Lawrence HOWELL

b. September 1905 at Watley's End

Moved to Fishponds in 1917/18

d. 1984

bur. Greenbank, Bristol.

Photographs and information kindly supplied in response to our appeal for photographs of Winterbourne people,

by Mrs M Buckingham, nee HOWELL,

daughter of George Lawrence HOWELL, Jnr.