The Horseman Family

of Frenchay                                         by Chris Horseman

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 Charles Horseman married... Mary Ann Smith, born 28 Sep 1824

They had a son...

John Horseman, Mason, baptised 27 Nov 1831 married... 13 Feb 1854 Elizabeth Taylor

They had a son...

Philip Horseman, Farmer, born 1868, died 8 Nov 1940, married...

24 May 1910 Lily Aust, born 1870, died 13 June 1953.

They had a son...

Philip Frederick John Horseman, Farmer, born 27 Dec 1911, died 5 Dec 1996, married...

24 July 1934 Frances Ruth Curtis, born 15 Sep 1913, died 20 Oct 1984.


Christopher Horseman, born 1 Oct 1942, was the son of Philip & Frances.


Philip Horseman and his son Philip Frederick Horseman ran a farm in Frenchay, alongside the River Frome, just upstream from the bottom of Frenchay Hill.



 This photograph is of the farm, looking from the field by the River Frome towards Frenchay Hill...


Philip Horseman Senior, about 1910. Name of the horse not known.


On the left is Philip Frederick Horseman;

his father Philip Horseman is with the plough;

his brother Edgar Horseman rides the horse.

During the 1930s.





Philip Frederick Horseman.


About 1925.




Frances Ruth Horseman, nee Curtis



Left to right...

Chris Horseman;

Nigel Johnson, a neighbour;

Robert Horseman, brother of Chris;

Diane Johnson, a neighbour.


In fancy dress for the Coronation, 1953.

On the farm, about 1948?

Left to right: boy in cart not known; Chris and brother Robert with hats on;

possibly Mike Miller; boy in cart not known; Philip Frederick Horseman with the pitch fork.