Edward Hill

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Edward Hill's grandparents were Sir Edward Stock Hill, MP for Bristol South, and Fanny Hill.

Sir Edward gained his knighthood for services in the Glamorganshire Volunteers.

     Sir Edward built a home, 'Rookwood', on the outskirts of Cardiff, near Llandaff Cathedral.

       'Rookwood' later became a hospital for Welsh pensioners.

Their son, Eustace rented Winterbourne Park, in Winterbourne, Gloucestershire, during the early years of the 20th Century.


Eustace is seen here in his magnificent cavalry uniform in the 1890s.


Eustace became associated with a family shipping business in Bristol.

Eustace and his wife, Florence Muriel Hill, nee Bowen, lived at Winterbourne Park until 1913.


Muriel was the daughter of George & Florence Bowen of Llwyngwair, Newport, Wales.


Muriel is seen here, wearing her wedding dress, when she was presented at court, about 1904.


Eustace played cricket, and Muriel was a gifted pianist, having studied in Germany before her marriage.

The first daughter of Eustace and Muriel was,

Rosamund Muriel Hill, born in 1905.

Their son, Edward Owen Eustace Hill, was born in 1907.


These children are seen here with their mother in 1907.


They had a second daughter, Patricia Florence, in 1909.


The children were all born at Winterbourne Park and baptised at St Michael's church.


They lived at Winterbourne Park until 1913, when the family removed to The Gronda, four miles from Chepstow, with magnificent views of the Bristol Channel.




You can read about Edward's early years at Winterbourne Park

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Muriel Hill gave concerts at Winterbourne Park, and if anyone has any information about these, her granddaughter Theodora would be pleased to hear from you.

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Details of this family have been sought by Vicki Herbert, a visitor to this web site who lives in New Zealand.     Thank you Vicki.

Vicki's friend, Theodora Lee-Smith, nee Hill, is the daughter of Edward Owen Eustace Hill, and we are indebted to Theodora for permission to use this story and these splendid pictures. Thank you.