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Gerry Harcombe,

from Aberdeen,

is researching his Family Tree  

and has got back as far as the 18th Century, when his ancestors lived in Winterbourne, Gloucestershire...


In 1767, at St Michael's, Winterbourne, John Harcombe married Anne Roberts (baptized 1742, father John Roberts, mother Hannah). Their son, Mark Harcombe, was baptized in 1770.

Some time before 1795, Mark married Elizabeth and they baptized a number of children...

Maria, 1795;                                   Mary, 1797;

Elizabeth, 1798 - died 1803;     Hannah, 1801;

Elizabeth, 1804;                             Jehoiada (or Jeheida) 1806;

John, 1809;                                      Mark, 1812.

Maria married William Davey in Bristol and their first daughter, Mary Davey, emigrated to Australia and married James Dalton.

Jehoiada, born 1806 in Winterbourne,  went to Bermondsey, London; then in 1848 emigrated to Australia on the ship Lord George Bentinck, taking their children Charles and Jane with them. Their oldest son, John, followed them to Australia in 1854, on the ship Nil Desperandum.

Charles, born 1837, was killed in 1866 when a boiler exploded at a company in Cockatoo, Australia.

John, born 1833, married and had a son John, born 1855, who married Harriett Knight.

This John (1855) was ostracized by his workmates when he refused to join in a railway strike in Melbourne, in 1903, maintaining that he would stick to his duty and that he had good employers and had always been treated fairly by them.


John Harcombe (1855)   &   Harriett Knight


Grateful thanks are due to Megan Butler of Australia, source of the above two photographs. More information about the Harcombe family, and many other families, can be seen on Megan's own excellent WebSite by tuning-in to... 

Maggie Harcombe, born 1887.

Meanwhile, John (1809) son of Mark (1770), also moved from Winterbourne to Bermondsey, London, and stayed there. He had a son Thomas in 1850, who married Mary Ann Robinson, and they had children...

Thomas Joseph, born 1877;             Maggie, born 1887;

Harry, who joined the Navy;             Ena;

and Edie.

Thomas Joseph Harcombe & his wife.

They had several daughters, some of whom never married and were known in the family as 'The Great Aunts'. One daughter who did marry was Mary Ann Harcombe, and she married Albert George Yearley, pictured below with two of his aunts.

Harry Harcombe

Ena Harcombe, Albert George Yearley and Edie Harcombe


Albert George was a keen amateur boxer in his youth. He later became a Director of JH Jacks, a high quality shirt manufacturer.

Recently received from Megan Butler of Melbourne, Australia, is this excellent picture, shown right, of four generations of Harcombe, all called John, and the last three all born in Australia.

Left, John Harcombe (1833), son of Jehoiada;

right, John Harcombe (1855), son of John;

in uniform, John Harcombe (1893-1959), son of John;

baby, John Ernest Doyle Harcombe (1916-1969), son of John.

This picture would appear to date from 1916; so John Harcombe 3 must be off to the war or home on leave?

[Top button not done up properly there, soldier! And get yer 'air cut!]

[John Harcombe 4 is saying nothing]

Gerry Harcombe, far left, in May 2005, held a reunion of the HARCOMBE family at the Wheatsheaf, Winterbourne.

None of the four families had ever met before, but they all got on fine, with no family squabbles to report.


Photos & research by: Gerry Harcombe, of Aberdeen;

John Yearley (4th gent from the left), grandson of Albert George and Mary Ann;

and by Megan Butler of Melbourne.


Roy Harcombe (5th gent from left) sent us this picture below...

Roy shares the same gt gt grandparents as Gerry Harcombe above.

Wedding of Sidney Charles Harcombe to Winifred Mary Cross

16 September 1935 at Bristol

Left to right: 1 Dorothy Rimand, nee Cross, sister of the bride;

2 Joseph Rimand of Bridgewater, husband of Dorothy;

3 Elizabeth Harcombe, nee Harper, wife of the late George Charles Harcombe ( hatter of Winterbourne), and mother of the bridegroom;

4 Stanley William Cross, brother of the bride;

5 bridegroom Sidney Charles Harcombe of Winterbourne;

6 bride Winifred Mary Harcombe, nee Cross;

7 Samuel Cross of Crediton, father of the bride;

8 ? thought to be Doris Cross, wife of Stanley ?

--- o O o ---

Family Tree - researched by Gerry Harcombe


Thomas Harcombe [1660?-1732] = Anne Harris

John Harcombe [1691-1736] = 1. Mary Turner [1700-___ ] = 2. Mary Stevens [1693-___ ]

Thomas Harcombe [1716-1782] = Anne ____ [1719-___ ]

John Harcombe [1736-1808] = Ann Roberts [1742-1825]

Robert Harcombe [1767-1834] = 1. Martha Iles [1770-1804] = 2. Elizabeth Cole [1769-1838]

George Harcombe [1795-1851] = Mary Frankcombe [1805-___ ]


Mary Harcombe [1829-___ ] = George Mann [1839-___ ]

William Harcombe [1852-___ ] = Elizabeth Ann Boulton [1855- ___ ]

Frederick William Harcombe [1876-1945] = Mary Insley [1876-1927]

Harold Harcombe [1908-1993] = Daisy Elizabeth Greensmith [1913-1988]

Gerald Lawrence Harcombe (Gerry) [1938-

George Harcombe [1844-___ ] = 1. Mary Muller Powell [1851-___ ]

= 2. Emma ____ [1847-___ ]

George Charles Harcombe [1866-___ ] = Elizabeth Harper [1868-___ ]

Sidney Charles Harcombe [1903-1973] = Winifred Mary Cross [1907-2001]

Roy Charles Harcombe [1938-