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Lilian Wedmore, nee Grosvenor, of Glenbrook Stores, Frenchay...

Lilian Grosvenor, born circa 1878, was the daughter of a miller in Tockington, South Gloucestershire.

She moved to Frenchay with her husband, Frank Wedmore. They had a son, Albert Wedmore, circa 1902, and a daughter, Gertrude Lilian Grosvenor Wedmore, in 1905.

Frank & Lilian ran the Glenbrook House Store on Frenchay Hill.

Frank died in 1907.

Lilian was re-married in 1909 to Henry James Baber, a baker on Frenchay Hill.

Lilian is seen here with her daughter Gertrude...

Lilian in 1890.

Lilian as a young lady.

Lilian and Frank's two children. Gertrude and Albert, circa 1907.

Gerty - out playing on Frenchay Hill...

Gertrude Lilian Grosvenor Wedmore was baptized at St John Baptist, Frenchay, on 5th March 1905.

She worked for a time at the Frenchay Post Office on Frenchay Hill.

Sadly, Gerty died of consumption in 1924, when she was just nineteen years old.