The Stables...

...converted for Services.

Newlands, Frenchay

Home of Dr FL Golla from 1939 to 1968.

The stables…

The commencement of the Roman Catholic Parish of Frenchay goes back to 1939, when Mass was said in the drawing room of Newlands, Frenchay, for the men of the Searchlight Station, Purdown, Bristol.

Mass was said about once a month there, and as the numbers of Catholics in Frenchay increased, was said every Sunday in the converted stables at Newlands. The priests came from St Joseph’s at Fishponds.

On 24th June 1951, the Church Hall was opened on the present site, which was formed out of part of the grounds of Newlands, and in 1957 Frenchay became a separate parish under the protection of St John Fisher.

The Stables is now a private house.