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Charles Hugh Babington Elliott, of Cliff Court, Frenchay...

Cliff Court, Frenchay, 1898

Nancy and Molly Elliott are in the perambulators

Charles Hugh Babington Elliott, author of 'Winterbourne, Gloucestershire', was born at Winkfield Vicarage, Windsor, on 11 March 1852.

He came to Bristol in 1884 and lived for many years at Cliff Court, Frenchay. His entire career was spent in education as HM Inspector.

He retired in 1912 but led a busy life for many years after. His book was published in 1936, and has come to be recognized as  the most important and comprehensive history of Winterbourne.

Charles died in 1943 and was buried in the Frenchay Parish Graveyard.

The gardening staff at Cliff Court, circa 1900, are seen here with Molly & Charlie Elliott.

The gardeners are, left to right, Speed, Clifford & Fred Currie.

<< Mary G (Molly) Elliott

oldest daughter of CHB & Annie Beatrice Elliott, was born on 1 March 1896. Her life was spent in Frenchay and she interested herself in all kinds of local activities. She became the first woman churchman in 1940, a post she held successfully for 22 years.

In 1927, Molly and four of her GFS friends toured the Lake District in a motorised caravan named Princess Mary; take a look...

Molly died in March 1978 and was buried in the Frenchay Parish Graveyard.

Nancy Elliott >>

was born on 23 October 1897, second daughter of CHB & AB Elliott. Like her sister, Molly, she joined the Volunteer Aid Detachment during the Great War and worked as a nurse in the Military Hospital at Cleve Hill, Downend.

She served on the Parochial Council for many years and was active in the Girl's Friendly Association.

She died in July 1984 and was buried in the Frenchay Parish Graveyard.