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Frampton Cotterell

National School, on School Rd

circa 1920

The small boy far left in second row from the front, seated, is Henry George Davies



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Henry was born in October 1909 in Bristol, the youngest of seven children. His mother died when he was just one year old, and his father, who was a seaman, left home soon after, never to return.

The oldest daughter, Laura, had to look after the family, but Henry was too young for her to cope with, so he was put into a children's home, probably in Winterbourne. He lived there until he was 14, when he left to live with his sister who by then was married.

In 1923, Henry was apprenticed as a Carpenter and Joiner, and the fee of 10 was paid by the Dolphin Society. A week later he was conditionally baptized at Winterbourne St Michael's parish church, possibly at the insistence of the Dolphin Society.

It is thought that this photograph was taken at the National School, on School Rd, Frampton Cotterell, which is where Henry was a scholar.

The home that Henry was sent to was the St Michael's Home, run by the Sisters of Mercy, in Frampton Cotterell.

Information & photograph kindly supplied by

Ronald Davies, son of Henry George.