The Coles Family

of 'The Bungalow', Beckspool Rd, Hambrook

by Jacqueline Yeates

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I believe this photograph was taken in October 1934.


My mother, Kathleen Frances Coles, is on the right hand side, first row standing.


Kathleen became a State Registered Nurse and worked at Stoke Park Colony. She died in Frenchay Hospital in 1998.




I do not know the names of the other girls.

  The photograph right, was taken at The Bungalow, Beckspool Road, Hambrook - also about 1934.


It shows my mother, Kathleen Frances Coles, seated left, my grandfather Alfred John Coles, see photo below,

and my Uncle Bernard Joseph Coles, who served for
fifteen years in the Band of the Royal Marines.  He died in Exeter in 1992


Behind are, left to right...    

Rita Cecilia Coles, who emigrated to Australia, where she still lives.

Peter William Coles, who joined the Band of the Royal Horseguards, 'the Blues'.  He later emigrated to Canada where he joined the Royal Canadian Blackwatch.  He died
in 1980.

And Elsie Mary Coles, who married and emigrated to Canada, where she died in 2005..


The whole family also included...


uncle Alfred John Coles, who served  in the Royal Navy and, after the war, became a merchant seaman; Captain of 'The Colston'.


Cecil William Coles, (always called Tom - don't ask!) was in the army during the war and afterwards worked for Bristol City Council. He died about 1995.




This is my grandfather, Alfred John Coles, in his garden at The Bungalow, about 1934.


He served 25 years with the Somerset Light Infantry, winning the DCM & bar,  and went back into uniform at the outbreak of the second world war, where he was a Sergeant in the Home Guard.  He died in 1959.


My grandmother, another Kathleen Frances Coles, nee Power, died in Bath in 1961.

In case there is still anyone who is interested in what happened to these people I can tell you that they moved to Fishponds.

Regarding the Hambrook school photographs on the web site, I'm afraid I cannot identify any of the pupils.

The only one I met was Bill Dumper. In 1959 he was a Progress Chaser at Bristol Aero Engines.

Many of the names are familiar to me, but I cannot put faces to them.

On the photograph "Hambrook School - 1929" number 18 is my Uncle, Cecil William Coles.

On "Hambrook School on Whiteshill Common - 1928" the boy second from right in the first row is Alfred John Coles, not John Alfred.

Elsie Mary Coles and Rita Cecilia Coles are on the "Frenchay Girls' Friendly Society at the Village Hall - Circa 1935".

Having read through the Second Log Book of Hambrook School and the Admissions Log I see that all seven Coles children attended the school.

If I come across anything that might be of interest to you, I will forward it on.

In the meantime may I congratulate you on producing a really interesting website.  I have found it fascinating.
Regards, Jacqueline Yeates