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The following information and photographs have been kindly contributed by Gail St John Moore, nee Blackmore, great great grand daughter of William Shederick Parker (b 1796, d 1876) and Louisa Blackmore (b 1828, d 1893), of Coalpit Heath.

The photographs belong to Bob Williams, a distant cousin of Gail's, and are published here with Bob's permission.



Gail's 6x great grandfather, Simeon Turner, died in 1741 and is buried in St Saviour's graveyard, Coalpit Heath.

Gail's 4x great grandfather was Robert William Turner, born in 1764. He married Hannah Harford, believed to have been a cooper with apple orchards at Tovey's Green.

 He was Churchwarden at St Peter's, Frampton Cotterell for some 35 years and for his services was awarded a silver tankard, which is still in the family.

Robert and Hannah's grand daughter, Catherine Turner-Phillips, married Albert Parker Blackmore, third son of William and Louisa. [See below]

Robert died in 1846 and is buried at St Saviour's.

His will, witnessed by William Parker, contains bequeaths to the Gibbs, Phillips and Turner families of the area.

The Phillips family were miners, latterly hatters in the area, and married into the Turner & Baylis families.


The silver tankard, is about 10 inches high, with a lid that flips back, and the following inscription has been kindly supplied by Gail's brother, Tim...

"Presented to Robert W Turner by his friends of the Church of Frampton Cotterell in token of their respect and esteem for the very upright, regular and obliging manner in which he discharged the duties of Church Warden of the said Parish for the last Thirty Five years.

November 1836."



To view Robert Turner's will, follow this link...

Grandson of Robert & Hannah,

and son of Hannah Stout Turner & Thomas Phillips,

was the above Robert Turner-Phillips.

Daughter of Robert Turner-Phillips & Emma Wilson

was the above Catherine Anne Phillips.



Gail's 3x great grandfather was William Parker (b c1737, d 1833), who married Bithia Hathway. They are buried at St Peter's, Frampton Cotterell.

William and Bithia had a son called William Shederick Parker. The 1841 Census shows that he is staying with Sarah Carpenter.

Sarah was the schoolmistress at the Frenchay National School, to which William Shederick sent his daughters Bethia and Phoebe. These two were the daughters of William Shederick Parker and his wife Eleanor Tucker. She died in 1830 and was buried with William's parents at St Peter's, Frampton Cotterell. 


Louisa Blackmore, from Bristol.

Her father, James Blackmore, was a Royal Mail Coachman/Postboy.



It is perhaps worth saying that credit must go to William & Louisa for doing a fine job bringing up such a large family. It cannot have been easy bringing up 5 deaf children in order for them to lead full lives, which they all did - they were all educated and taught to lipread.


Louisa Blackmore went to live with William Shederick Parker, yeoman farmer, from 1852, at Park Farm, Tovey's Green.

They were never married, but raised 12 children, five of whom were born deaf, and eight of whom went to London.

 A very old lady that Gail came across quite by chance some 30 years ago while researching the headstones in St Saviour's churchyard, explained, cackling with laughter, that William and Louisa were the scandal of the village..!

William is registered on his Death Certificate as having died of 'Senile Exhaustion'.

The four eldest children who stayed in Coalpit Heath were...

1. Davina (b1852) deaf, never married.

2. William Parker (b1854) who married Edith Hatcher and had children William & Eleanor.

3. Phoebe (b1855) who died in 1893 at Fishponds Asylum.

4. Isaac Parker (b1856) and his family took responsibility for Davina.

The other eight children who went to London were...

5. Mary Ann (b1858 ) deaf, never married.

6. Albert Parker (b1859) went to London in the late 1880s and was manager of a dress shop. He married Catherine Ann and had two children, Doris (b1892) and Edward Philip (b1895), Gail's Grandfather.

7. Edward Parker (b1860) was a Professor of Shorthand.

8. Emily Everetta (b1862) deaf, never married.

9. Florence Laura (b1863) became a mannequin for a famous fashion house in Regent St; never married.

10. Arthur Parker (b1864) studied as a chemist.

11. Harry Parker (b1866) deaf, never married.

12. Robert Parker (b1871) deaf, married Beatrice Garland, no children.

These eight children in London started 'Blackmore Patterns' (dressmaking) in 1895 and continued until the 1940's. Albert left Blackmore's in 1920 and, with his son Edward, started up 'Practical Fashions'. Perhaps some our readers will remember them?



Park Farm, Tovey's Green, the Parker/Blackmore home.

Isaac Parker Blackmore, the second son of William and Louisa, was the owner of 'The Bunch of Grapes',  in Frampton Cotterell and the 'Ring o' Bells', Coalpit Heath. He also bought the old school house in Coalpit Heath when it closed in the 19th century.


He died in 1925, aged 68, and is buried at St Saviour's, Coalpit Heath.


Isaac married Elizabeth Rosina Stone.


She died in 1942, aged 84, and is buried at St Saviour's, Coalpit Heath.


The 1891 census has the following notes...

Isaac P Blackmore         age 34  Publican, Butcher & Shop Keeper

Elizabeth R Blackmore   age 34

Elizabeth L Blackmore    age 11 Scholar

Beatrice MP Blackmore   age 9 Scholar

Rosena P Blackmore       age 7 Scholar

William P Blackmore       age 5 Scholar

Victoria MP Blackmore    age 3 Scholar

Isaac LP Blackmore        age 1

Jane Tovey                     age 22 Domestic Servant




Isaac and Elizabeth were the great grandparents of Bob Williams, who provided us with these excellent photographs.

The Bunch of Grapes

Isaac and his children are standing in front of the pub.

Elizabeth, Beatrice, Rosina, William Parker, Lawrence Isaac, Victoria and Albert George.

The Ring o' Bells, Coalpit Heath



 Another son of William and Louisa, and a brother to Isaac, was...


 Albert Parker Blackmore.

He married Catharine Turner-Phillips.

They are seen here together.


They were the great grandparents of Gail.

One of Isaac and Elizabeth's sons was William Parker Blackmore [5 years old on the 1891 census]. He ran the 'Ring o' Bells' in Coalpit Heath for a time.


He married Mabel Hek, and they had two children, Alma, who died in December 2007, and William junior.




William senior, Mabel and Alma are seen here  at their family home in Ashley Rd, Bristol.




Mabel died young and William senior later married first Elizabeth Thomas, known in the family as Molly, and then Olive Dando.


Pictures and names kindly supplied by

Gail St John Moore, nee Blackmore, a visitor to this web site,

and Bob Williams


This page came about because Gail was researching the list of headstones at St Saviour's churchyard, found on this web site, and came across a question-mark alongside the name of Elizabeth, buried in the same grave as Mabel Blackmore.

She is now able to tell me that the grave contains...

1. Mabel Blackmore, nee Hek,

2. Elizabeth Thomas.

3. The ashes of Alma Rogers nee Blackmore.