This page is a tribute to the original Amos family.

With the recent death of my Auntie Hazel, Ivy is the only surviving member.

Jackie Benson    

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Fred Amos as a child - date unknown       

The Amos family

of Watley's End, Winterbourne


Fred and Elizabeth Amos - date unknown - Fred met Elizabeth in Wales whilst looking for work


Alma Amos and Sheila (Kitty) Ray - dates unknown.

  <<< Alma Amos outside Carson's chocolate factory - 1951


Weston-Super-Mare in 1949

Bill Amos - date unknown


Courtney, Hazel, Ivy, Alma and Bill Amos probably 1960?

Hazel, Alma, Elizabeth, Ivy and Bill Amos - date unknown      

Hazel, Ivy and Alma Amos - date unknown

Hazel, Ivy and Alma Amos - 1960?

Photo's and information kindly supplied by Jackie Benson.

Thanks Jackie


                More pictures now received...

Alma, Hazel & Ivy Amos sitting on stile - 1935

don't know who other children are


Elsie Amos 1950                          Bill Amos on left - no date - not sure of others

Alma Amos and Edna Weston - 1949

Elsie and Queenie Amos - children and date unknown

Fred Amos date unknown     


             Courtney Amos - date unknown   

Hazel Amos and Betty Maggs at Weymouth - date unknown

Barbara Amos - Age 18

Killed by a German bomb in war while working in the ammo factory


Bill Amos when giving up his Pub The Royal Oak - in the 1970's

Harold Lewis, Ted Hooper, Alma Amos (Hooper), Courtney Amos, Ivy Amos 1953


Photo's and information kindly supplied by Jackie Benson.

Thanks again Jackie