The Alden Family of Hambrook

by Christopher Harbury

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Magdalene Ferguson Alden, nee Lawson,

great great grandmother of Chris Harbury

Reuben Alden (1843-1926) of Hambrook, son of John Alden (born 1805, son of Jeremiah Alden, born 1769) and Jane Alden (nee Bird), was baptised at Frenchay St John Baptist on 21 January 1844.

He married Magdalene Ferguson Lawson (1851-1929). She was born 9 August 1851 in Perth, Scotland.


Their seven children were...

John, born 1873.

Charles, born 1889, died in Greece, 1918, in the Great War.

James, born 1891, died about 1925.

Margaret, born 1893, died 1 April 1943.

Albert, born 1895, died 28 March 1973.

   and...      [See below for photographs)

Jessie (1880-1967).

Jane (1883-1979) known in the family as Jean.


Jane Burroughs, nee Alden (1883-1979)

Born 15 August 1883.

She married Frank Burroughs on 27 May 1910 and had five children, thought to be Norman Valiant born 1916, Charlie, Harold, George Henry and Frank..

She was the great aunt of Chris Harbury.


Lorna Cowan has sent in further details of Jane Burroughs, nee Alden.

   Frank Burroughs (1885-1979)

   The caption on this fine photograph reads...

  " F Burroughs, HMS Ariadne, Jamaica, 5 April 1903 "

Follow this link to HMS Ariadne... Diadem Class, HMS Ariadne, completed 1902.

  Other ships on which Frank served.

  Frank is recorded in 1979 as being a Customs Watcher.

Jessie Alden (1880-1967) married first Frederick Maggs

 and had seven children: Fred, Henry, Joseph, Albert, Alfred, Jessie and Kate.

She married second Arthur Barratt

and had three more children, Violet, Rosie and Ivy

Violet was the grandmother of Chris Harbury 

Arthur Barratt (1865-1934)

seen here with Jessie and Jane.


Jessie and Jane both went to the Frenchay National School; their names can be found on the school registers elsewhere on this web site.


Jessie died 12 April 1967.

Jane died 24 January 1979 at Frenchay Hospital

Copy of Marriage Certificate of Arthur and Jessie

Arthur Barratt received a military funeral

This is all that Chris Harbury knows about Arthur.

Wedding of Christopher Walter and Violet Barratt  - 1941

1. Henry Maggs, known as Harry; 2. Joseph Maggs; 3. Bridesmaid not known; 4. Kate Maggs; 5. Aunt Josie;

6. Tom ? ; 7. Doreen Maggs; 8. Not known; 9. Doris Walter, sister of 10. Christopher Walter;

11. Hilda Maggs, wife of Joseph; 12. Violet Barratt; 13. Mary Maggs, wife of Alfred; 14. Jessie Barratt, nee Alden;

15. Alfred Maggs; 16, 17, 18 children of Alfred & Mary - Shirley, Margaret & Joan; 19. Not known;

20; Bridesmaid not known; 21. Jane Burroughs, nee Alden.


This "Crossing the Line" certificate, below, was presented to the above Christopher Walter when he crossed the Equator in HMS Warspite

  Follow this link to see Warspite in action... HMS Warspite


Thanks are due to Chris Harbury for allowing us to share this wonderful set of photographs

Chris would be very pleased to make contact with other members of the family, with a view to expanding his knowledge of his family tree.

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