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This charming family photograph was taken in 1918.

Three generations are represented here...

The baby, Reg Stacey, is looking very relaxed on his gran's knee, his mother, Rosa Mary Lavinia Stacey, nee Adams is standing over him, and Rosa's mother is Elizabeth Adams.

Both Rosa and Elizabeth were born in Winterbourne, and Reg was born in Winterbourne Down.



Photo and information kindly provided by

Kay Fry, granddaughter of Rosa.

Rosa Mary Lavinia and William Stacey had seven children.

Their fourth child, Phyllis, was born 24 February 1923 in Winterbourne Down. At the age of 9, she was badly injured when young Albert Simms was playing on his new bicycle and accidentally knocked her over. Phyllis was taken to the Bristol General Hospital and over a period of two years had five operations on her leg.

Phyllis was then admitted to the Hambrook Village Hospital on 28 May 1933, under Dr Hubbard. She was discharged 5 August 1933.

During this time, the mortuary was being re-built, and patients and school children were asked to sell cards and stamps to raise money. When you had sold a book you could lay a stone in the new mortuary. So it was that Phyllis Stacey laid the first stone to Hambrook's new mortuary, which was opened by Mrs HWL Harford on 8 November 1933.

Members of the Stacey Family of Frenchay in 1949, photo taken on the 21st birthday of Philip & Barbara.

Left to right: Philip Stacey; his mother Rosa Mary Lavinia Stacey; his father Bill Stacey; and his twin sister Barbara Stacey.

About 1950...

Left to right:

Donny Pedrick;

   Philip Stacey;

      Raymond Thornell.