The Frenchay Branch of the

Girls Friendly Society - 1937

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All the photographs on this page are to be found in a log book kept by the Frenchay Branch of the Girls Friendly Society, now on display at the Frenchay Village Museum and dated 1937-38.

You can read the whole log book by following this link...


Seen here are members of the Frenchay Branch of the Girls Friendly Society in 1937


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In 1937 a group of GFS girls from Frenchay went to a Youth Rally at Wembley Stadium, London, which was attended by the King and Queen.


For their report on this outing,

written by M Huish, B Higgins, E Harris & Doris Packer,

    follow this link...


The GFS regularly entered for inter-branch competitions.


For example, far left, the Skipping Team, 1937


...and the Dramatic Team, 1937

A group of holidaying GFS members visited Frenchay in 1937 and were entertained at Cliff Court by the Elliott sisters, Molly and Nancy, and under the guidance of Miss Dinn.












They were given afternoon tea...





















...served by Frenchay members of the GFS...

...then they played a dressing-up game on the lawn at Cliff Court...














... and a fishing game...














...before being seen back onto the bus on Frenchay Common by Miss Dinn.


August 14th to 28th, 1937.

Joyce Florence, a member of the GFS Frenchay Branch, went on a fortnight's holiday to Minehead and stayed at "Ellesmere", a Holiday House used by the GFS during the summer.


These photo's are taken outside of Ellesmere and I think that Joyce Florence is the tall girl on the right of the group of three.


In the other picture, the lady on the right appears to be Molly Elliott, who drove down to Minehead in her car and joined Joyce during the second week of her stay.


In Joyce's report, none of the photographs has names added.


You can read Joyce's report of her holiday by following this link...

More photographs taken during Joyce Florence's holiday at Minehead...










Day trip to the Doone Valley.


















Hardy hikers set off for a day out.











A walk on the prom.

I am guessing again, but I think Joyce is the girl in the centre.



This delightful picture is captioned...

"Guess! Where's Miss Braithwaite?"


Miss Joan Mary Adams married

Charles Arthur Munden

on 24th June 1937.


The GFS Log Book does not record who Joan is; one can only assume that she was a member of the Frenchay GFS.


Joan is seen on the right with her father.


Molly Elliott was for years one of the Leaders of the Frenchay Branch of the GFS.


She was one of the daughters of CHB Elliott, author of the book, "Winterbourne, Gloucestershire", and she lived at Cliff Court, Frenchay.






The grounds of Cliff Court were many times the scene of GFS sports meetings and tennis matches.


Members of the Junior Candidates section of the GFS are seen here on such an occasion, having a break for refreshments.






To read the GFS log book for 1937-38

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