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 Portraits of the Fry Family, Volume Two

79 Theodore Fry...


On the shelf behind Theodore Fry, we can see a terracotta horse and rider figurine, and a jug, both from ancient Cyprus. Theodore’s father, Francis Fry, was an antiquarian, bibliophile, and collector. His collections included objects from ancient Cyprus, from sales in the north of England and in London. Both father and son were Fellows of the Society of Antiquaries of London. In 1905 Theodore Fry put his ‘Collection of Ancient Pottery, Glass and other Antiquities’ up for auction; the sale probably included the objects shown here. Some of Fry’s ancient Cypriot objects are now in the Mercer Gallery, Harrogate.

The above information kindly supplied by Anna Reeve.     Thanks Anna.



Theodore Fry (later Mayor and M.P. of the town of Darlington 1850-1895) and his Quaker wife Sophie Pease Fry (granddaughter of Edward Pease, the noted woollen manufacturer and promoter of the pioneering Stockton to Darlington Railway). Members of the Fry family lived in Woodburn Mansion, formerly situated on the south side of Coniscliffe Road, Darlington.